Dear Year 12 students and Parents.

Ausgrid has notified the College of a planned power outage all day, scheduled for Friday the 10th March. They are unable to complete the work on weekends or in the next school holidays. 

As a result the College will be closed all day on Friday the 10th March and students and staff will not be able to access the College site on that day. College staff will be involved in a Professional Development Day offsite for the day. 

Year 12 students will be offered catch up lessons in their English and Maths courses as detailed below. Attendance at the catch up lessons is voluntary

The College Year 12 VET courses incorporate work place learning days and therefore already have more than the required 120 hours per year of course work scheduled into them. Consequently no catch up time is required for the VET courses. 

Students who wish to access the catch up lessons need to fill in the booking sheet below and return to the College office by March 9th. Catch up lessons are scheduled for Monday March 13th. Students who choose to attend the catch up lessons must notify their work placement host employer that they will not be attending work placement. Students who do not attend the catch up lessons must attend their work placement as usual. 

Students not attending catch up lessons must pick up the catch up work from their class teacher, on Thursday 9th March, complete it at home and submit the completed work to their teacher by Friday 17th March. 

If we do not receive student booking sheets by March 9th then the catch up lessons will be cancelled and the class teachers will distribute hard copy teaching and learning catch up work to all of the students

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to Year 12 students by the Ausgrid power outage but the power outage is beyond our control. 

Please contact the College office if you have any queries related to this notification.

Yours faithfully
Ann Holcombe 

Chief Executive Officer. 

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8.05 to 9.05 English Ms Wilson C6
9.05 to 10.05 Maths Mrs Richardson C4
10.05 to 10.20 Recess
10.20 to 11.20 English Ms Surplice C5
11.20 to 12.20 Maths Ms Wilson C5