Hunter Trade College students’ outstanding results.

VOCATIONAL STUDENT PRIZE: Abigail Norgren and Blake Harris at Hunter Trade College. Picture by CATH BOWEN

Two students from the College have just been announced as winners of the prestigious Australian Vocational Student Prizes. We are delighted that Abigail Norgren and Blake Harris have won this award in recognition of their outstanding vocational skills demonstrated while completing their HSC at the Hunter Trade College in 2014.

Abigail is now a fulltime Electrotechnology apprentice with a local firm and Blake is currently working two part time jobs and has been recruited into the Air Force as an apprentice technician.

Both Abigail and Blake are very proud and excited about the award and the $1000 prize.

More than 8000 students nominated for the award and to have two winners from the one school is an outstanding result.

Congratulations Abigail and Blake on winning this well-deserved award.

Ann Holcombe
Hunter Trade College