The College requires that all students wear the compulsory College uniform. HOODED JACKETS MUST NOT BE WORN at College or in workplaces. This is a WHS requirement and is not negotiable.

The uniforms are high visibility long sleeve shirts yellow and navy with reflective tape in 100% cotton drill, long navy cotton drill pants with reflective tape, high visibility jackets/jumpers and black leather steel capped safety boots which meet Australian Standards.  All shirts, jumpers and jackets must have the College logo on them with reflective tape.

Note:  Polyester jumpers/jackets may not be suitable for some workshop/placement tasks.

The uniforms identify students of the College whilst also showing WHS compliance. 

Uniforms will need to be ordered using this form below.

Uniform for Human Services students will be finalised later in the year.


It is essential that students meet the WHS requirements for entry into the College workshops.  Students are required to be in College uniform, including work safety boots and have their safety glasses and hearing protection with them prior to entering the workshops.

The College provides each student with the first set of safety glasses and hearing protection free of charge.  Where students lose or damage their personal protective equipment it will need to be replaced at their own expense.  Replacement safety glasses and ear plugs are available for sale at the College Administration Office.  It is also important to note that one of the key competencies in each trade area is work health and safety.

Jewellery including facial piercings cannot be worn in College workshops for WHS reasons.

Note:  Due to health and hygiene concerns Fabrication students are strongly recommended to purchase a Welding Helmet & Welding Gloves that meet the appropriate Australian Standard. Further information will be provided to Fabrication students.  

Students will be required to have the following stationery for the start of the year. 

  1. Pens (blue and black)

  2. 1 x loose leaf paper hole-punched (English)

  3. Pencils (HB) 0.5MM

  4. Maths set including protractor, set square and compass

  5. Ruler

  6. Calculator (scientific – suggestion of a Casio FX-82MS)

  7. Colour highlighters (at least 3 colours)

  8. Plastic sleeves

  9. 1 x A4 lever arch folders

  10. 1 x set of dividers for folders

  11. 2 x 120 page A4 4 Hole-punched exercise books (Maths & Computer Applications)