2019 Term 1 Cornerstone Awards

The year is flying by and we have put the first term behind us already! We have hit the ground running this year, and are so impressed with how quickly our Year 11 students have settled into their new environment. Our Year 12’s have wasted no time getting back into the swing of things either, and they are showing us they are focused on the end game.

We wrapped up the end of term with the presentation of our Cornerstone awards and a BBQ. Our Cornerstone awards recognise students who have demonstrated the College’s four cornerstones consistently over the term. Special recognition is given to students who demonstrate these qualities across all of their classes.

Our sincere congratulations to all of these students!

Year 11
Samuel Baker
Michael Balkin
Ditch Brown
Ammon Coffey
Jake Collins
Mackenzie Newby
Cooper Newstead
Isaac Pratten
Ethen Spliet-Miller
Bryce Standing
Max Watson

Year 12
Taliky Bailey
Jordan Banks
Fletcher Barclay
Christopher Birch
Joshua Cassar
Oliver Cracroft-Wilson
Luke Dwyer
Angus Edwards
Colby Emerton
Reece Green
Blair Johnston
David Marschall
Lachlan Patton
Matthew Shilcock
Jordan Squance
Cadman Woznyi